Saturday, July 4, 2015

List of Nepali Matrimonial Sites

There are a lot of Indian Matrimonial sites. Majority of them will have a section for Nepali Matrimony as well. However, those websites do not completely fulfill what we Nepalese are looking for. Our requirements do not exactly match what they offer. Besides, most of them charge users on the basis of their websites usage. In order to provide a unique Nepali Matrimonial website, Hamromilan was conceived. Hamromilan features Nepali users and allows them to participate in match finding and all of this completely free. No credit card, no charges. Unlike, some others matrimonial websites, we believe that match finding should not be made a money making business.

There are a bunch of Nepali Matrimonial sites. The List of Nepali Matrimonial sites is given below.

1. Hamromilan : Nepal's No 1 Matrimonial & Dating website  [Usage : Completely Free]
Hamromilan was launched in 2015 & has been providing free matrimonial service since then.

Hamromilan Matrimony
Hamromilan Matrimony

2. NepaliVivah : [They charge money for membership]

3. NepalMatrimonial : [They charge money for membership]

4. Nepallove : [This has been in the internet for some time, but hasn't been that effective.]

There are few others but most of them are not that functional. If you are looking for a free matrimony then Hamromilan is obviously your choice. If you want to pay with your credit card, you may try other matrimonial sites as well. The choice ultimately remains at your hand.


  1. Sonar community relies on Matchfinder for their Sonar matrimonial needs.

  2. The relationships flourished through matrimonial portals helps people to find their soulmates as an alternative to the traditional marriage brokers.